Small Dog/Cat Crochet Beanie Pattern

Hi everyone! Thanks for choosing me as your next project! Today I have this pattern for you, This is my Basic Dog Crochet Hat Pattern for a size XS-Small size. It could possibly fit a slightly bigger size dog (up to 16lbs by using a bigger size hook *I/9 5.50 MM Crochet Hook* But I do have a Medium size and also a Large-XL size beanie pattern too, just look on my blog for the pattern.

Materials for this project:

1. Red Heart Super Saver (Any #4 WW yarn will do)

2. H/8 5.0 MM Crochet hook

3.Tapestry Needle

4. Scissors

U.S. Terminology Used ONLY

Abbreviations Used:

  • MR-Magic Ring
  • CH-Chain
  • Sl St-Slip Stitch
  • SC-Single Crochet
  • HDC-Half Double Crochet
  • DC-Double Crochet 

 *Crochet Tip: Chain 2 Doesn’t count as a stitch*


 Start with a MR. Ch 1. SC 8x’s into the ring. Sl st to the first SC, and chain 2.

Round 2: 2 DC into the first st (where the chain 2 is because the Ch 2 doesn’t count), and all the way around. Sl st to join to the first DC, Chain 2. (16) sts.

 Round 3: 1 DC into the same stitch as the Ch 2, 2 DC into next stitch for an increase, 1 DC after. Repeat this around. Sl St to join to the first DC. Chain 2. (24) sts.

Round 4:1 DC into next two stitches, 2 DC into next stitch after, 1 DC in next 2 stitches, 2 DC after. Repeat this around. Sl st to the first DC, Chain 2. (32) sts.


Round 5: DC into the first 3 sts. Ch 12, skip the next 6 stitches. DC to join to the 7th st. 1 dc into the next 7 stitches. Ch up 12, DC to join to the 7th st again. DC into the final 8 sts. Sl st to join to the first DC. (44) sts.

 Round 6: Chain 2, DC into every stitch, and 12 DC’s OVER the chain 12 spaces. Sl st to join to first DC. (44) sts. 

Round 7:Chain 1, SC all the way around until you get into the middle of your chain 12 flap. Into the 6th Stitch in the middle, chain up 30 and HDC into the 2nd chain from your hook and HDC your way back up until you get back to the top, then continue to SC around to the otherside, and into the 2nd ear flap, go into that 6th stitch and chain up 30 once more, HDC into the 2nd chain from the hook and HDC your way back up and continue to SC around. Sl st to the first SC and FINISH OFF. 


To make a Pom Pom, I have a real quick and fast tutorial on how I did mine in the end of the video, If you wish to use a video that has MORE detail, please search via YouTube. There are many and wonderful resources on there. Thank You. 




This is the property of Markie Garcia, I have the full rights and own this pattern entirely. You may sell items that are made from my pattern EXCLUDING THE PATTERN ITSELF! You may NOT copy or share this pattern as your own or SELL THIS PATTERN! This is a FREE pattern, and it should remain so. Any credit given to me is appreciated. Thank You*







Published by Markie Garcia

I am Markie Garcia. I am a Mommy, Blogger, and I crochet on YouTube sharing my latest patterns, and creations. I am 30 years old I live in San Jose, CA with My Husband and our 4 1/2 Year old son. I love to cook, bake, and create things all handmade whether it is outdoors or indoors. I am a Kidney Recipient since October 28, 2015 and I am living my dreams now doing all the things I couldn't before. I am an Animal lover, I have 2 dogs myself and their names are Hazel, and Frida both are rescue/shelter dogs that were saved from Euthanization. I am here to inspire, motivate and empower men and women through crafting, and also encourage people who have disabilities and illnesses to never limit themselves. You can find all my latest patterns here, and if you ever need help with one of my written patterns, you can always watch my Crochet Tutorials or Email me and I will be glad to help. Love, Markie Garcia

2 thoughts on “Small Dog/Cat Crochet Beanie Pattern

  1. Thank you Markie for sharing your pattern…
    I plan on making and selling at a craft fair soon. Although I’m not new to crochet; I am new to selling the items I make, especially vending at a craft fair. Proceeds (anywhere between 10%-50%) will go to an animal rescue of my choice. More than like (All Animal Hope and Wellness)

    Once again, thanks!


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