Surgical Face Mask (Crochet Pattern) + Mini-Blog

Hi World! I hope everyone is doing well at these uncertain times. I am holding up ok here in California during Quarantine with my little family. We have ALL been inside and have been doing our civil duty in not leaving the house. I hope you all are too not leaving the house as much as possible to help stop the spread of the COVID-19. I have been busy to say the least with the patterns! The ideas are coming and coming and the quarantine is definitely helping the creative ideas flow like a river.

With this Quarantine, I was on Etsy and saw that people are actually selling crochet patterns of the surgical face masks patterns in order to gain something out of the virus and I thought it was quite ridiculous and so greedy of people to do such a thing during this time. Hospitals are running low on supplies with nurses and other medical staff unable to protect themselves as they treat others with the virus and it’s so sad to see that I had to create a FREE pattern so you all can protect yourself, and if you were looking for a free pattern to make to donate to others, that this would help you achieve in doing so. What my intentions were when making this, was to make this pattern 1) easy 2) fast 3) customizable so you/or others can sew on fabric onto the back OR create your own type of protection onto the back.

The importance of a facial mask is on a high scale for me, as I am one of the vulnerable that could easily get the COVID-19, and would likely die because I am a Kidney Transplant Recipient since 2015 with underlying health conditions. So please, stay inside, and saves lives! Encourage your friends and families to also do the same if you love them. Stay safe, and enjoy the FREE pattern. Below, you can download it onto your smartphones, tablets, or even print it.

Basic Surgical Face Mask Pattern

To add a air filter pocket to this face mask, download the free pattern below AFTER you have created the face mask above 🙂

Part 2: Adding an Air Filter Pocket Crochet Pattern

Published by Markie Garcia

I am Markie Garcia. I am a Mommy, Blogger, and I crochet on YouTube sharing my latest patterns, and creations. I am 30 years old I live in San Jose, CA with My Husband and our 4 1/2 Year old son. I love to cook, bake, and create things all handmade whether it is outdoors or indoors. I am a Kidney Recipient since October 28, 2015 and I am living my dreams now doing all the things I couldn't before. I am an Animal lover, I have 2 dogs myself and their names are Hazel, and Frida both are rescue/shelter dogs that were saved from Euthanization. I am here to inspire, motivate and empower men and women through crafting, and also encourage people who have disabilities and illnesses to never limit themselves. You can find all my latest patterns here, and if you ever need help with one of my written patterns, you can always watch my Crochet Tutorials or Email me and I will be glad to help. Love, Markie Garcia

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